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Next Level Sports offers custom solutions for Equipment, Management and/or Production based on your event objectives and your resources. 




Next Level Sports has the capability to bring all the equipment you need for your event. If we don't have a certain piece of equipment you want, we can get it…..and have it set-up and ready to wow your guests. Our event inventory includes: 


  • French Barricades

  • Traffic Barricades

  • Traffic Cones

  • Course Signage

  • Sound systems

  • Start/Finish Structure

  • Tables and Chairs

  • Aid Station Equipment

  • Portable Power

  • Tents

  • Stage

  • Plus, Random Tools and Supplies necessary for a professionally-managed event.


To learn more about our equipment, please click HERE



Next Level Sports has the experience and expertise to deliver a successful event for you from beginning to end. Planning, implemenation and execution, plus follow-up and review -- it's what we do.


Thinking about launching a new event, yet need professional help with plan execution and delivery? Contact Next Level to see how we can help.


Some of our clients have their own event personnel, yet are looking for an experienced event director to manage the overall event and their team. In these cases, Next Level Sports is available as contracted event management. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop and coordinate the event production timeline

  • Deploy resources on event day

  • Provide consultation services prior to and on event day

  • Develop traffic management plans

  • Manage venue and course selection and develop layout

  • Develop and manage staff and volunteer plans

  • Develop and manage crisis plan

  • Medical team deployment

  • Event budget develop and review

  • Permitting

  • And, more!

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